If you’re following along on my Conscious Writing journey, you may feel called towards more meaningful writing or at least a more meaningful relationship with your creative practice.

And certainly, this is a journey. I am practicing this approach day by day. This blog isn’t intended as a lecture, but as a way to remain accountable to the process. I haven’t previously completed the exercises in A Year of Living Consciously and I’m not reading ahead. I’m bringing my attention to each lesson on the day it comes and am practicing reflection and self-honesty.

This isn’t easy. You have to trust the part of you that’s searching for something deeper in your creative expression and listen to what you find.

Hendricks suggests we make the following declaration: I am here today because my commitment to living my potential is greater than my commitment to the familiar.

There are many ways we can reframe that to focus on our writing. Our commitment to living up to our writing potential might mean continuous learning, experimentation, or merely showing up every day because we decided this is important. Leaving the familiar might mean writing with a new or stronger or more authentic voice or writing stories we were afraid to tell. It might mean trying new forms of writing, such as poems or plays, or new ways of telling a story, even though we’re not very good at them.

During the day, repeat this phrase a few times: I am here today because my commitment to reaching my creative potential is greater than my commitment to the familiar.

When you say this phrase, take a few deep breaths before and after so that it sinks into your body and your thoughts. Take a special moment at the start of your writing time today to share this declaration and reflect on what it means for you.