Today’s exercise in A Year of Living Consciously suggests that we take time to contemplate and celebrate our birth. This exercise recognizes that many of us have trauma dating back to birth or even pre-birth, whether that was physical illness or the fact of being an unwanted child.

Let’s twist this around to make it more relevant to our writing practice.

Think of the moment when you first engaged with the idea of writing as a creative outlet. Maybe you wanted to write, even as a child. Maybe you first thought of writing so that you could share what you learned from a life-changing event.

Remember these moments before someone told you that you couldn’t. Remember the rush of possibility, the joy of creative potential.

Celebrate the fact that you want to create through writing. There is no one to say no. There are no downsides or ambivalence.

You have the right to write creatively and you were right to choose it. You have the right to be here.


PS – If you think I don’t need to hear all the things I’m writing…phew!