Another exercise about commitment. I hate to belabor the point, but in the interest in keeping up with the work in A Year of Living Consciously, let’s do it.

You want to write. You want a deeper connection with your creativity and your community. You have something to say. You’ve set goals. You’ve made it your intention to write with authenticity and integrity.

But have you deeply committed to writing consciously? Are you holding anything back? Are you willing to change or challenge your ways of thinking? Are you ready to dig deep?

Ask yourself if there’s something keeping you from mastering craft and developing your voice for deep, emotional, and insightful writing. What’s holding you back from fully becoming the writer you must become.

Are you concerned about judgment? Do you believe you lack talent?

Sit with those thoughts awhile. Ask if the risk is worth the reward.

I’m not there yet either, but I think it is. Visualize tuning out the people who aren’t on your wavelength and making room for those who are.