We hear the “Be Kind” mantra a lot these days, mostly from people who think kindness flows their direction only, without creating any reciprocating obligation.

Kindness, of course, begins at home, with you. But importantly, we need to learn to be kind to ourselves. In fact, I’d agree that being patient and forgiving with oneself can only make it easier to extend the same courtesy to others.

So, today, be nice to yourself. Be patient. Whenever you express a negative thought about your body, your emotions – or your writing! – take a moment to turn it around.

How can you be kind to your creative self today? You might take a moment to recognize what you’ve learned lately or celebrate a small step, such as completing a project or sharing your work publicly. Reflect on how much stronger your writing has become, compared to a year ago, or five years. Acknowledge your weak areas and promise yourself that you’ll keep learning, so that those struggles become less stressful.

Take a day off from negativity. Be good to yourself.