For today, identify one of your creativity-killing habits. It might be procrastination, failing to complete a story, or adding so many tasks to your schedule that you leave little time for writing. If you’re feeling bold, think about what others may have commented upon or ask your peers what they think is holding you back.

Take some time to think about where that habit came from and what purpose it serves in your life. You may have to sit with that one for awhile, as sometimes our bad habits seem to serve no purpose at all. But they do.

I’ll go first.

I add writing workshops to my calendar, but don’t publicly commit to attending and then I don’t show up. I have lots of excuses – it’s too cold out, it’s too hot, I’m too tired after work, I haven’t written anything this week – but no good ones.

What purpose does this habit serve? It keeps me from confronting my social anxiety about meeting new people. It keeps me from feeling imposter syndrome, because I don’t have to talk about what project I’m working on. It keeps me from feeling judged because I don’t share my writing with my peers.

It feels good not to feel judged, not to feel like an imposter, and to avoid situations where my social anxiety kicks in. But does that support my writing goals? When I avoid those feelings, am I becoming the writer I want to be?