Culturally, we are prodded to monetize our lives. Every hobby can be monetized. Our leisure time should be dedicated to the side hustle.

Writers are not immune to this mindset. We could fill a library with books on marketing, finding your audience, leveraging social media, and creating multiple income streams. These aren’t bad things – we all need to eat. But it’s also ok to write for the joy of it. Creative work can and should be its own reward. For many of us, the work will be our only reward.

Regardless of your goals for your writing, take today off from financial motives. Appreciate your creativity. Follow your curiosity and rambling thoughts and see where they take you. Ignore your word count and self-imposed deadlines and have fun creating. Write as though no one will see your work.

During the times you’re not writing, observe how your mind creates even while you’re not actively creating. Appreciate the flow of thoughts, ideas, and observations that come to you.

Enjoy the journey.