In writing, as if life, we can become trapped within our likes, dislikes, styles, and personas. We write in one or two genres, or stick to short pieces. We rarely stray from our writing tone, preferring dark or comic, but rarely changing direction. We have longtime writing friends with whom we share our work before sending it out into the world, or maybe we don’t show it to anyone and let the market decide.

At best, this might help you find a niche where you can thrive. At worst, your habits become a prison where you stagnate.

For today, consider shaking things up. What kind of creative work would be totally unlike you. You might:

  • Try a new genre
  • Try a new form, such as poetry or a play
  • Try a new activity, such as joining an open mike night

Consciously choose something that would be good for you, either mentally, creatively, or professionally. Make a commitment to trying something different.