Do you sometimes feel that creativity comes more easily to other writers?

They make it look so easy, don’t they? The writer with non-stop story ideas. The writer who puts a clever twist on a genre trope that in retrospect seems so obvious it’s amazing no one else had thought of it before. There’s the writer who knows the precise word for everything, who speaks in eloquent paragraphs in interviews. The writer for whom sales and marketing are second nature. The writers who thank their families and spouses for the moral and financial support they needed to write their novel.

(It’s ok to hate them a little bit. But only a little, then it’s time to move on.)

For today, promise yourself that you’ll also receive whatever creative miracle you need. If you start judging or censoring yourself, or find yourself in competition with another writer, turn down the volume on those thoughts. Take some deep breaths and look inside. You might find the miracle you need right there.

What can you do to bring yourself to the creative or financial space you envision? What can you say that no one else can? You are the only person on the planet who can tell the story in your thoughts in the way that you will tell it. There’s one miracle to start with.