Much of the Conscious Living practice is premised on the idea that you A – have a partner; B – desire a partner; and C – will find a partner someday in the future.

That’s not why we’re here.

But, we do have a relationship with our creativity and our work. We don’t have traditional conflict with our creative work, not the way we might have with a spouse. However, challenges arise, even when the work is going well.

For today, consider what challenges you face with your creative work, especially the dark ones that make you feel like quitting. Ask yourself:

  • What is something that frequently gives you a negative feeling about creating or your creativity?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • What happens when this conflict progresses from a small thing to a major blowout?

You don’t have to resolve these challenges today, but do spend some time thinking about your answers.

I’ll try:

As much as I love writing, even when it doesn’t go the way I want, I feel a great conflict when it comes to putting my work out in the world. I don’t like to share my writing. I want criticism and feedback, but nonetheless feel judged when I receive some, if I even get any.

When I sit in these feelings, I wonder why I bother writing at all. What good is an endeavor if you don’t share it with anyone?

I know I’m in a death spiral when I start asking if I should be doing something – anything – else with my spare time, or if I should be doing anything at all.

How is your relationship with your creativity? Do you have any struggle spots?