Previously, I wrote about listening to your writing and what it tries to tell you as you work. This takes practice and patience, but it can pay off with a greater sense of flow between yourself and your creativity.

Are you struggling with a manuscript right now? If you were experiencing a problem with another human, you could seek answers directly. Communicating with your writing requires a different approach.

Imagine your story or one or more of your characters are sitting in front of you. Take some time to reflect on them, cementing a strong image of who and what they are right now. Don’t think about what you’d like them to be, but consider what you have on the page.

When you’re ready, ask:  What have I gotten wrong? What is going well? What’s missing? What are you trying to say that isn’t yet on the page?

I’ve tried this exercise with my WIP and received some frank advice from my main character.

You might be surprised at the answers.