Yesterday, we all took a break from our writing and our search for a deeper connection and meaning in our creative practice.

You might have engaged in an activity that felt rejuvenating, something you don’t indulge very often. If so, you may have discovered your essence, the part of you that is carefree and unworried about daily living and learning. Essence is what’s left when all the gunk is scraped off – all the judgments, expectations, regrets, and even hopes and dreams. Essence is simply what is.

Today, take some time to get in touch with that essence through meditation. If you like, put on some music you find relaxing. Take some deep breaths and visualize the part of yourself that is free from human woes.

Picture yourself starting on a new creative journey, with only a sense of expectation. Imagine you can start creating without the judgments, negativity, or regrets you might be carrying. Imagine you can write whatever you wish, without anyone telling you that you shouldn’t, that you’re not good enough, or that it’s not worthwhile.

Embrace your essence and picture yourself on the threshold of a new adventure, carrying only your sense of wonder and creation.