When you are in touch with your creativity and act on your desire to express yourself, you may find that both your creativity and your reach expand. The more work you put in, the easier the work becomes. You’ll have more ideas than you’ll have time to bring them forth. And you’ll find that you reach a wider audience.

Creativity builds upon itself and expands, and as yours does, you may find that your social circles grow to accommodate your art.

As your circles expand again, you may find you have a broader perspective on life and the world we share. You may feel a sense of stewardship and a need to communicate and teach what you’ve learned.

Take some time today to imagine your creative circles expanding. First, picture your abilities and skills growing as you put in the work. Then visualize your social circles and opportunities widening even further. Finally, feel your connection to other people and how all our creative work brings us closer together. Maintain this feeling the next time you sit down to write. Feel your audience beside you, waiting to hear what you have to say.