Most writers want – and need – some validation.

We want our peers to read our work and let us know what works and what doesn’t. We want our friends and family to be excited when we publish and share links to our work. Of course, we want readers to buy our novels and leave reviews.

Wouldn’t the world be wonderful if everyone cooperated?

Today, take a moment to give another writer the kind of validation you’d like to have.

Encourage someone who is just starting to write. Make contact with someone looking for a critique and follow through. Share a link to another writer’s book. Buy an independent or self-published book and post a review.

While you’re putting some good vibes into the world, give yourself some as well. Talk to someone about your work in progress, but without asking for anything in return. Give yourself kudos for finishing a chapter, hitting a word count goal, or attending a learning webinar.

The more validation you give, the more you’ll get back.