Are you looking for creative acknowledgement and validation in the wrong places or from the wrong people?

This is a bad habit that many of us need to break. The mom who has never encouraged your writing isn’t going to start now. The bestie who doesn’t read probably isn’t going to read your book. The writing group focused on general lit fiction isn’t going to grok your gonzo horror novel.

Gay Hendricks compares this habit to shopping for grapefruit at the shoe store. You’re bound to be disappointed. I have a similar phrase – asking a table to be a chair. While I may wish that certain friends or family members would recognize my writing goals and achievements, it simply isn’t going to happen. Now I can choose to be angry at the table for not being a chair, or I can appreciate what the table has to offer and look elsewhere for a comfy seat.

For today’s exercise – ask yourself if you’re seeking validation from someone who regularly withholds it. If you are, find a new place to shop.