We each have only a finite amount of time alive on the planet. Hope that didn’t spoiler the ending for anyone.

How we spend our time propels our happiness while we’re here and sets our legacy for after we’re gone. The question, of course, is whether we are spending our time in a way that is personally fulfilling and leaves us at the end with the feeling that we were successful.

Here’s an exercise that may put this in perspective.

Multiply the years of your life expectancy by 365. It doesn’t matter what number you use, but choose something between average and what you hope to get.

Then multiply your age by 365. Subtract this number from the first.

The result is an approximate number of days you have to work with. Whatever number you reached, it probably doesn’t seem like a lot.

Take some time today to ask yourself some questions. What is most important to you? How do you want to spend these next five, ten, or fifteen thousand days? What can you accomplish in that time that would be most fulfilling for you?