My intention in pursuing these exercises in Conscious Writing is to create an emotional atmosphere where I’m in tune with my creativity without regard to outside considerations (finance, negativity), so that I can be most fully myself when I write. By knowing and honoring myself, I can engage in creative work without being sidetracked by fluctuating moods and energies.

How do you engage with external events or energy and how they influence your creativity?


When others don’t respond to my work, I feel ______________.

When I receive a rejection, I feel _______________________.

If __________________ happens, I’m pushed out of my creative mental space.

When I see others achieving the success and validation I would like, I feel _____________.


There aren’t any wrong answers, and this exercise isn’t meant to be shaming. If you want, take a few minutes to ask and answer the questions, and see what you learn. Recognizing these external energies is the first step to avoiding their influence over our creativity.