Headgear Tutorial by Solthrys

Manga artist Solthrys shared this tutorial for fitting items over heads and feet (hats, hoods, shoes, etc.)

Headgear tutorial by Solthrys

Click it: Headgear and footwear tutorial by Solthrys on Tumblr


How To Draw a Scene In Three Point Perspective

I make art for fun and have never been any better than pretty good for someone who doesn’t draw that often. Some of my skills are a little better developed than others, but I have always struggled with perspective and foreshortening. For some reason, I can’t figure out how to get what I see through my brain and down to my hand. I get the concept intellectually, but can’t visualize it sufficiently to make it happen on the page.

Anyway, Joe Capatano has a perspective tutorial on the How to Draw Comics blog.

Click it: How To Draw a Scene In Three Point Perspective

Joe Catapano – 3-point perspective

Head in Perspective

Nice how-to example of drawing the human head from various angles and in perspective.


A Helpful Guide to Drawing Hands

I like to draw, but I’m not very good at it. In other areas of my life, I struggle with perfectionism, but when I draw or paint, I let myself enjoy the process of putting lines or paint on paper, without fretting about the outcome. I want to be more proficient, but it’s ok that I’m not.

I bookmark a lot of art tutorials and videos, scattered across various devices and apps, which renders them basically unsearchable and therefore useless. So, why not post them here, where I can organize them to my liking and find them when I want to study something particular? Why not, indeed.

Carlos Gomes Cabral, cartoon hands

When you draw people, hands are hard, but important.   posted this brief tutorial to drawing a basic hand shape from various angles.

Click it: Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Cartoon Hands