Expressing our creativity is fulfilling but it’s also hard work. If you are trying to make a career from your writing, you might be afraid of even the slightest misstep.

But, still, you will make mistakes. You’ll miss an important email. You’ll blow a deadline. You’ll forget to back up a file or hard drive. You’ll spend half a day on a chapter in your novel only to realize it doesn’t belong.

You could get angry at yourself or disappointed. You might feel that your talent or business acumen aren’t up to the task you’ve set before yourself.

Or you could take a deep breath and have a laugh about it.

I am definitely not of the ilk to laugh at my mistakes. When I lose a writing file or waste time chasing plot streams that don’t pan out, I take to my bed like a Victorian-era matron who’s spotted a man’s bare ankle.

But life is hard enough without us adding to our own burdens. For today, remember that you’re human and that creativity is supposed to be fun.