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That Doesn’t Speak Too Highly of God

Alleged pastor Robert Henderson – appearing on the television program of longtime grifter Jim Bakker – attributed Donald Trump’s repeated courtroom defeats to Satan’s influence in the “Courts of Heaven.”

Henderson said God can do whatever he wants, but sometimes needs a little prayer boost now and then. A little kick to get him through the day. God doesn’t have cigarettes in Heaven? Do these people even hear themselves speak?

I’m far beyond being shocked at their hypocrisy or greed, but their inability to adhere to a basically coherent fictional story world is galling. If you read this narrative in a book, you’d toss it in the trash for lack of consistency. This crew needs an editor, or better yet, an army of red pens.

Dead State: Christian Pastor: Satan Infiltrated the ‘Courts of Heaven’ to Block Trump’s Reelection

Because If There’s One Thing America Loves, It’s Science! 

Laura Ingraham insisted Wednesday that any new executive orders and restrictions pitched as helping to contain the coronavirus pandemic should receive full scrutiny from legislators and the public.

“Before Americans are forced to accept new restrictions on their freedom or even be shamed or beaten up for not complying with these mandates, shouldn’t state legislatures hold hearings? We must insist on all of this, demand to see all of the science behind the lockdowns, social distancing and the masks.”

Fox News: Ingraham tells Americans they must ‘demand to see all of the science’ behind lockdowns, distancing and masks

The sad reality is that this is what Americans would like science to work on.

Society is Creating a New Crop of Alpha Women Who Are Unable to Love

Goddammit. Being unable to love is *my* thing. Get your own thing, alpha women.

Alpha Women

Fox News: Society is Creating a New Crop of Alpha Women Who Are Unable to Love

TFW You’re So Racist You Shoot Another White Cop

An Arkansas cop who threatened to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters has been arrested for shooting and killing a fellow officer.

Calvin Salyers allegedly told a superior that if any Black Lives Matter protesters came to his house he’d shoot them through the door.  A few days later, when fellow officer Scott Hutton knocked on Salyers’ front door, Salyers discharged his weapon through the door, fatally wounding Hutton.

Salyers had been admonished that firing a weapon at someone without identifying or even seeing them would be a bad thing, so he claims his gun went off accidentally as he transferred the weapon from his right hand to his left, because that’s a thing that happens. Salyers has yet to explain why he thought BLM protesters would come to his house.

KIRO: Cop who threatened to kill protesters shoots, kills colleague who knocked on door, affidavit says